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With Over 30 Years Of Experience, Sensei Jonathan Sharpe Has Many
Happy Students

I started training at the age of 6 (8 years ago).
I like Ju-Jutsu because it has taught me lots to learn about defending my self and how to use a variety of weapons while also having fun at the same time and chatting to my mates throughout the lesson aswell.
My dislikes about Ju-Jutsu are that sometimes I have to try and get a person that is lots bigger than me down or a person that is not letting you take them down and it classes as a fail because I cant take them down.
When I first started training I didn't know what to do when someone attack me but since I have got older and I have grown to know more moves I know what to do to defend my self if someone ever attacks me.
In Ju-Jutsu I have entered many competitions, in the nationals in 2008 I came 3rd, but lately I came first in the first two competitions that I have entered in 5 years.
Ju-Jutsu has made me a more confident person and has helped me improve in many sports that i do, not just physically but mentally aswell.

Aaron Miles Leslie

My name is Joshua and I started training in Sensei Jonathan's classes when I was about 7 years old; when I first started I was really quiet and shy. With the help of Johnathan over the last 10 years I have grown in confidence massively and I now help teach the younger classes, which is something I really enjoy about Ju Jutsu. For me Ju Jutsu has become much more than a hobby, it is something which I love and something that has helped hugely in defining who I am. I enjoy coming every week to the classes, some of which I teach and some of which I train in.

Ju Jutsu has many sides and aspects to it that you wouldn't expect unless you participate and it teaches you many important life skills; which without I wouldn't be who, and where, I am now. It has given me confidence if I did ever get into a situation I have the knowledge and the confidence to do something about it to protect myself.

I am currently a Brown belt 3 tab and hope to get my black belt at the end of this year, which will be a great honour and one that I've worked hard for. About a year ago I started helping to teach the younger classes, which has been a huge help in devoloping my personality and my confidence in standing up in front of a large group of people and leading them. I also greatly enjoy being able to share my knowledge with other people see them mature and grow, just like I did, and maybe see them where I am now one day!

If you're nervous of joining our classes or don't know if its for you, why not come along and watch?

My name is Umar and I started training in 2008. It has been a challenging experience but still I am raring on. I like Ju jitsu because it builds up your confidence. Ju jitsu helps you and...more
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