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With Over 30 Years Of Experience, Sensei Jonathan Sharpe Has Many
Happy Students

Started Ju Jitsu in 2006

I like the competitive side of ju jut sue

When I first started training there where many colourful belts and skilful people and I thought that I would never be able to be as good as that

Purple belt white stripe and a silver in a grappling last summer

My other hobbies include scouts and life saving and within these I have done numerous events testing fitness teamwork and determination which are all skills I have progressed from ju jut su


I started Ju-jutsu in 2006 when I was 6 years old.

I like are how much commitment and effort you need to put in to get the next grading / belt and how we train week in week out. Sensei encourages you to train hard even when the going is tough. He is supportive and encouraging even when you find it difficult to get the hang of something. Sensei Jonathan always makes the lessons fun and there’s always time and energy for a game at the end no matter how exhausted you were feeling in the lesson.

My dislikes are the Japanese words. I struggle with the words a lot. I think this is partly because I’m dyslexic.

I can remember getting my white belt, it was the first belt I ever got so I was thrilled with myself. My achievements within Ju-jutsu are that I got my brown belt white strip in 7 years, I also have a bronze medal from a National competition and I have lead the class in the warm ups and sometimes cool down.

Ju-jutsu has helped my concentration and commitment in my other hobbies including rugby, indoor rock climbing and football. I think the club members work really well together and we always try to help each other out and support each others efforts. Owen and Carl have been a great help me to get me to where I am now.


I started training  not quite 2 years ago

I love jujutsu because it's an even playing field.  I love that I can throw a 15 stone man!  I love knowing that I'm learning the skills to protect myself should the need arise. I also love Jujutsu as it takes me out of my comfort zone and makes me rise to the challenge.

My only dislike about jujitsu is my own limitation - I wish I'd started years ago ( when I was a bit younger!)

I was really nervous when I  first started training I think I'm slowly becoming more fluid now although I still have lessons where I can't seem to remember anything!  My biggest achievement to date, apart from getting through my first two  gradings is entering a winning a competition.  It was one of the scared things I've ever done - but it felt amazing for weeks afterwards!

Outside of Jujitsu I like to keep fit.  I go to the gym and I like to run  - I'm training for my first half marathon.  I love the fact that keeping fit helps me with Jujutsu but Jujutsu helps me keep fit!


My name is Rhys. I'm 15 and have been training for 8 years now. Ju-jutsu has help me in many ways. It has helped me to learn how to defend myself if I am ever in an unfortunate situation, which I hope will never happen, and become more confident in everyday life. Ju-jutsu has helped me realise more about myself than anything else has, it has helped me discover my strength and limitations but always challenges me to push those limitations. Ju-jutsu isn't about your physical strength or if you're taller you can pull of a certain move, it's about no matter what size of shape you can pull of anything with just a little patience and skill. It teaches you to never give up and keep trying no matter what because you will be able to pull it off. When I first started I was so nervous I wouldn't talk and when I had to throw someone I'd just panic and fall over myself but thanks to sensei Jon I learnt to over come this and become what I am today. Thanks to this new confidence I've been able to improve my fighting technique and defensive skills. I now compete in every competition that I can and always try my hardest. I've won golds in many international competitions and a gold in the European championship. When I don't win it reminds me that I still need to keep going and always improve, in my opinion losing helps more than winning because you learn from your mistakes and become better on the mats and in life. 

If you're nervous of joining our classes or don't know if its for you, why not come along and watch?

I have been studying Ju Jutsu since I was nine and I am now nearly 18. I have been training every Friday and due to this I am now a purple belt.  I have gained valuable knowledge fro...more
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