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With Over 30 Years Of Experience, Sensei Jonathan Sharpe Has Many
Happy Students

My name is Lorcan O'Toole and it's two years since my last testimonial, I'm 50 now. In the last couple of years I have found TJK not only and excellent supportive club for beginners but also people like myself trying to add a bit of depth and understanding to techniques I know but haven't mastered. It's a good feeling when things start to feel more natural, less awkward and that is in no small part to the excellent training and support  not only from my Sensai but other Sensais and indeed other students.
TJK is a great club with a huge amount of talent to tap into so if you are thinking of trying  Jujitsu it's probably time to stop thinking and give it go , there are so many facets to it you aren't going to get bored.
 I usually like to keep things this good to myself! Seriously though, can't be greedy it's too good for that, give it go.


I started training when I was five and have been doing it for 8 years.
I like the training sessions and doing competitions at different places.

I remember not knowing a lot when i first started and it seeming fun to learn and do.
In ju-jitsu I have won the nationals and European championships.
Ju-jitsu has helped me become more confident and devolved me as a person. It has also helped me to be tougher in football.


I have been studying Ju Jutsu since I was nine and I am now nearly 18. I have been training every Friday and due to this I am now a purple belt.  I have gained valuable knowledge from Ju Jutsu, it has helped me build as an individual and gain people’s respect.
I have competed in various grapple and striking competitions and have competed at child, intermediate and adult levels. In these competitions I have ranged from last place to first. I have never liked coming last however Ju Jutsu teaches students patience and hard work. And for training for a long time regularly it has paid off and I have come first in many competitions including an intermediate European championship.
There are many reasons for joining the Tai Jutsu Kai group as you will meet various new people which are bright and interesting to train with and you will always have fun in the lessons. However whilst having fun you learn new skills, not just physical but personality traits which can help you in the future. And due to this hobby I believe it has made me into the person I am now and I hope to carry on this hobby as long as possible.


When I started training: 8 years ago
My likes about jujutsu: competitions and self-defence techniques (particularly in a group situation), joint locks and chokes
My dislikes about jujutsu: Nothing
In my first lesson of jujutsu, I was taught the back break fall, and waki gatame, the armpit hold as a defence from a front strangle. When I first started training, I was shy and timid and not aggressive enough when carrying out techniques.
Achievements within jujutsu: I have achieved Brown Belt, the 13th belt in the junior syllabus (and I have now started to study the adult syllabus). In addition to gradings, I have attended several competitions and achieved many bronze, silver and gold medals. Recently, I competed at intermediate level, using chokes and joint locks, and achieved a silver medal. I have also attended seminars to further my skills.
Achievements outside of jujutsu: I am pleased to have achieved my A* grade for A level mathematics, along with As in physics, chemistry and further maths AS levels. I also enjoy playing guitar, and performed with a group at the Oceania night club. Jujutsu has equipped me with several essential life skills including discipline, motivation and self-confidence, and these skills have helped me to achieve these things.

If you're nervous of joining our classes or don't know if its for you, why not come along and watch?

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