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With Over 30 Years Of Experience, Sensei Jonathan Sharpe Has Many
Happy Students

My name is Zak Agha' Khan, I am 16, I started in 2008 and I am now a Green Belt.. I like Ju-Jutsu because you get to meet new people and learn new throws and techniques which can help you in self defense and something interesting to say in your personal statement. The only thing I don't like about Ju-Jutsu is taking the mats up, placing them and then taking them apart to take them downstairs! I remember being nervous and low in confidence when I first started but that goes quick as everyone is friendly. I have achieved many medals at Ju-Jutsu competitions. Also, because of Ju-Jutsu, I have been able to get into a great college since it looks good on your application. It has helped me in football because it makes you a bit more acrobatic and it helps you keep fit.

Zak Agha’Khan

Hi My name is Josh and I am 12 years old; Ju-Jutsu among other things is one of my hobbies.  I have been doing it for about 5 years now and have just achieved my purple belt.  I train with Sensei Jonathan Sharpe and he has taught me all my Ju-Jutsu knowledge, he is kind, funny and a great laugh but also a great teacher.  Ju-Jutsu has helped me to discover things about myself  that I didn’t previously know, it has given me self-confidence and the knowledge of how to protect myself if I ever happen to be unfortunate enough to get caught in a situation.  I am only 5 belts away from gaining full black and I intend to achieve that, it would be a great honour to achieve the highest grade in Ju-Jutsu but I know that it is not an easy task to perform.  On the first day I went to train I was screaming and crying, I really didn’t want to do it.  But now Ju-Jutsu for me is a hobby and extremely enjoyable.  I personally love seminars; it is a great chance to learn with different sensei’s and to be able to relax and have some fun without being worried if you make a mistake.


My name is Amari Fisher,
I'm 13 years old and i've been training at Aldersly with Sensei Jon for about 5 years.
Jujutsu has helped me make new friends and gain more confidence. :]
The things I like about Jujutsu are that I have fun at seminars and competitions and have made freinds at Jujutsu too.
Something i don't like about Jujutsu is that i'm always expected to be able to defend myself by my mom. :]
Sensei Jon is a good teacher :]

Amari Fisher

My name is Damon Hayward, I am 14 years old and have been training under Sensei Jonathan Sharpe for nearly 8 years in Ju-Jutsu. I train 3 times a week and I am currently a brown belt 3rd tab. I am now training towards my junior black belt grading in December. I have competed in numerous competitions around the country (gaining a 1st, two 3rd’s and a 4th) and participated in several seminars spanning from self defence on the street to weapon orientated classes.

Throughout the years Ju-Jutsu has helped me gain confidence, improved my fitness, gain self esteem and has allowed me to meet some great new friends. The confidence I have built up has shone through in aspects outside of Ju-Jutsu as well, such as my schoolwork etc… I find it a fantastic way to work out and let off steam in a controlled environment as well as learning the martial art.

I enjoy learning the techniques and using them under pressure in the given situations. I like being tested as it allows me to assess how far my learning has come and what I need to do to improve on my skills in order to progress through the grades. I also enjoy the competitive fighting we get to practise in Grappling and Kumite.

Looking back I can’t imagine how different my life would be if I hadn’t started training in Ju-Jutsu. I now know many techniques I could use effectively in the street to defend myself and I am proud to be part of the TJK association.

Damon Hayward
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Hi, my name is Lorcan O'Toole, I'm 48 and have been doing Jujutsu for about 4 years now. At the moment I'm a green belt training hard for my blue belt. I think learning Juju...more
Lorcan O'Toole
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