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With Over 30 Years Of Experience, Sensei Jonathan Sharpe Teaches
Jiu-Jitsu Sports - Adult Sports & Fitness Classes

An adult and 16+ Ju Jutsu sports class.  Combining all aspects of Ju Jutsu sports in depth for those interested in doing just the sports side within the T.J.K Association. 
We have:

Kumite with Gi, striking/grappling/submission

Amateur grapple and strike no headshots

Grappling submission only without Gi/with

Full contact grapple and strike (you will of have to of gone through T.J.K vetting process for full contact!)

Warm up (which could be basic warm-ups) or technique warm ups!

Grappling or striking or both(with Gi or without)

Fighting for time within time limits

Fighting using specific techniques! Or concentrate on a few techniques.

Warm down – basic / advanced stretching or light fight warm down.  This is just an idea of what could take place.

Reason To Join

Children Intermediate and Advanced
Next Class is at 19:15 on Fri in Wolverhampton
If you're nervous of joining our classes or don't know if its for you, why not come along and watch?

Hi My name is Josh and I am 12 years old; Ju-Jutsu among other things is one of my hobbies.  I have been doing it for about 5 years now and have just achieved my purple belt.  I...more
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