West Midlands
  • Aldersley Leisure Village
  • Aldersley
  • Wolverhampton
  • WV6 9NW
  • T: 07767 306998
With Over 30 Years Of Experience, Sensei Jonathan Sharpe Teaches
Adult Jiu-Jiutsu Intermediate Classes

Adult classes for the Intermediate / Advanced level student through to Dan grade.

Children Intermediate and Advanced
Next Class is at 19:15 on Fri in Wolverhampton
If you're nervous of joining our classes or don't know if its for you, why not come along and watch?

My name is Umar and I started training in 2008. It has been a challenging experience but still I am raring on. I like Ju jitsu because it builds up your confidence. Ju jitsu helps you and...more
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