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Senseis Jonathan Sharpe,
Sensei Bio

Sensei Bio Jonathan Sharpe T.J.K 4th Dan Ji Jitsu

I am still training with Tasshi (7th Dan) Mr Ross Iannoccaro and have been since 1987.  I am proud that he is a man of his word and has stuck to the promotion of Jiu Jitsu which is the Original Japanese born mixed martial art.  He has also shown adaptability and staying power to have had his own association Tai Jutsu Kai for 30 years and counting (Nice one Sens!)

My reasons for doing martial arts were for self protection and the sports side was secondary.  Martial arts sets you up with life skills that you need for everyday situations, not just fighting skills!  You develop awareness and things you need to do on a daily basis.  It gives you a great discipline that puts you on a good path for the rest of your life.

With my own training I prefer the all round skills that Ju jutsu offers.  The same can be said with the sport side although I have always preferred the stand up side; in the majority of situations they start standing with some ground application as in real terms you don’t won’t to be on the ground with anybody for too long.

I like to see students achieving to their highest level.  I will always analyse and coach of which I get a great sense of achievement for the many students who say, “Sens I can’t,  I can’t!” (We’ve all been there!) I smile and show them that they can! They can! They can!

I admire school teachers as they are restricted on what they can use to teach, but they do and do a great job!  It brings me onto coaching children!  When I first started coaching children it was very testing.  All of a sudden you realise this is easy.  I always wonder when youngsters come through the door as to what sort of person I am going to be dealing with.  It is healthy that you get your shy, quiet types and your boisterous hyper types!  I have always showed respect for the child and the child's parent in making sure that I will always show them the right way to conduct themselves.  (This is something I have learnt over the years!  This is something you do not learn from a coaching manual or course.  Although I reluctantly do attend some courses.

What I like about the children is their loyalty and their will to learn.  I have many loyal students none more so than my daughter Yazmine; she loves her Ju jutsu training but it is not her favourite past time. She loves her horse riding, which does not bother me because a lot of the children I coach have other things they enjoy also, which is healthy.

I also have a no nonsense policy.  As I am trusted by parents and I gain the trust of the children through my own methods of coaching.  I always talk about bullying and how unnecessary it is!  I will always have the time to listen and help sort out this unnecessary occurrence.

Adult coaching is similar because an adult is a bigger child!  I like it because although children will have a go, adults will have a go but analyse the skill they are learning and how Ju Jutsu works for them!  It has to be said that is the way it should be.  We are all built differently and have our own way of doing and learning!  To see the look on an adults face at the change over from junior classes to the start of adults classes and then at the end of the class is amazing.

Jiu Jitsu self protection or sport with its substantial array of techniques is a great way to increase your fitness of body and brain, meet new people and by pass social and physical obstacles and de-stress from all the problems of daily life!

I dislike disloyalty to coaches!  When a mid range grade or even a black belt or dan grade leaves to set up their own association or club.  This will always happen in every walk of life but whoever seems to forget that your coach has experience on their side and that you are and will always be a keen beginner (You know what I mean!)

Throughout my own Jiu Jitsu and martial arts training, competing and seminars, I have met some amazing athletes -  to me they are ultimate athletes.  As with the all round skills of Ju Jutsu you have to use the whole of your body!

In no particular order and some of the people I have met, trained, been taught or advised by, they are great martial art athletes, some on a professional day to day basis as it is their work or through sporting areas.

One such person who I will never forget is UFC (7) Champion Marco Ruas.  I am not afraid to admit and to those of you who can remember his warm ups were energetic to say the least!  I along with others thought we were fit (we were definitely out of breath!)  We were all told at the start of the seminar if he puts on a lock or choke don’t leave it too long before you tap!  He had someone in Kata gatame and they didn’t tap and so they went to sleep for a short while!! A great all rounder.

Another memory of seminars is when Ross Iannoccaro through our T.J.K Association made links with Soke Fumon Tanaka and his daughter Midori.  Soke is the original mixed martial arts man because his ancestors (the Samurai) did battle for their life with no rules!  His skills with weapons or unarmed were simple.  He made me realise the simpler your technique and the more you repeat it the more refined and better you become at doing it.

Again through Ross Iannoccaro’s T.J.K Association links and being one of the very  few British pioneers of grappling.  I amongst many had the pleasure of training with Carley Gracie.  A brilliant technician and he too was well rounded, standing or on the ground.

Through the martial arts I have met like minded people of all different genders, creed and colours!

Since before I started doing martial arts and whist doing the martial arts I believe that the UK, in martial art term, have had and still have great talent!

We all have people we would like to meet and I am not phased by the word “celebrity” as the greatest is my Mum!

I would like to see all the martial arts come together to form a proper British, European and World championship.  Just like our super athletics teams do, unlike many of the main sports!

Whatever Martial Art you choose -  think! Does it have all round skills??


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